Corporate Social Responsibility

A word and value we all share in our family is Local, in other words collaborating with small local manufacturers. Whether it’s the workers who built the very structure of Esprit d’ici or the old lady selling homemade buffalo curd on the side of the road, we, at Esprit d’ici give importance to the enrichment of our local community. Moreover we try our best to develop a sustainable tourism as much as we can, by making our garden a productive tool for the kitchen and by reducing and controlling waste, water and electricity consumption. We wish to bring a sense of crossculturalism to our guests and use the hotel as a platform to meet different cultures. Our executive team introduces Sri Lankan culture to our foreign clientele in a way that they may join in, enjoy and make it their own. Better working conditions, access to training, fighting against discrimination and the development of tourism in the region is another pillar of our management. Indeed the hotel staff has been hired among Mirissa and it’s surroundings.